Case Blyk, IPP

Assuring operator revenue

Network and virtual network operators need an inter-connect agreement with other network operators, international connection providers or with their host network operator. Inter-connecting networks costs money and forms a basis for subscriber billing. With fluent inter-connect settlement process the operators secures their revenue.

A Finnet company, Ikaalisten-Parkanon Puhelin (IPP) has used NSF Telecom's inter-carrier billing solution in order to adapt billing for virtual operators operating in their network. Originally goal-directed joint development was established in 2004 whereafter the system has evolved towards a complete, user-friendly web administered Inter-Carrier Billing solution.

The ad-funded mobile operator Blyk adopted the wholesale verification and inter-carrier billing as a complete service in 2008. NSF Telecom provided the software as a service solution including the turnkey conciliation and reconciliation process as a service.

”Thanks to NSF Telecom, our revenue assurance processes and policies are supported by a flexible partner that makes this complicated area easy and transparent for us”,
Kari Penttilä, CTO of Blyk