Intelligent efficiency for railways

Safe and efficient train traffic handling in GSM-R or GSM

In many countries, dispatching trains is still based on phone calls from the driver or the conductor to the traffic control personnel. This way of working is both inefficient and subject to human errors. The communications process can be automated utilizing human-to-machine technology, and the railway-specific GSM-R network, or even a normal GSM network, backed up by network intelligence. Obviously, such a service needs to be reliable and redundant.

Network intelligence provides an array of opportunities to improve the administrative communications in traffic control.

NSF Telecom is an agile partner in this ecosystem. We are the people behind network intelligence.



   Search for improved efficiency, cost savings and reducing the risk for human errors

Experience and evidence

   Case Finnish Railways

Benefits to customers

    Safety, efficiency, improved internal service, reliability, job satisfaction

Our role

   ”The people behind the network intelligence”, building the reliability


   Machine-to-machine, human-to-machine, routines, internal service, GSM-R, human error, train dispatch