Service areas

Network intelligence for reliable services

Innovations utilizing machine-to-machine and human-to-machine technology - that benefit consumers and businesses alike - are emerging in a variety of industries

When these innovations are applied in areas where human lives are at stake, or safety in any other form, communications over the internet is not a reliable solution. That is where our knowledge in telecoms and network intelligence comes into play. We have accumulated our competence and experience in mission-critical solutions where there is no room for hazard.

We are an agile and reliable partner for reliable services. But of course we are happy to help in any less critical application where our platform and service building blocks can be of use. Contact us to hear more!

See what we have to offer for Telecom, Telecare, Railways and Reachability


  • New services and ways of working being developed
  • Increasing demand for more services and better performance
  • Search for improved efficiency, cost savings
  • Technology seen as an opportunity
  • Reducing the risk for human errors
  • Convergence from legacy systems to next generations networks
  • Need for an agile and competent partner


Benefits to customers

  • Reliability
  • Improved service
  • Efficiency
  • Job satisfaction
  • Bridging between technologies
  • Benefiting from the experience and knowledge + the proven platform and service building blocks


Our role

  • "The people behind the network intelligence”
  • Building the reliability
  • Bridging the convergence