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Reachability as a cloud service

Reliable and flexible service for reaching on duty -personnel

Reaching on duty -personnel reliably is a fundamental need for many organizations. Whether it is an urgent service request from your paying SLA customer, authority assisting task or counselling service, you want to make sure the right group of people is reached fast and reliably. Modern reachability service can act in a complex environment with variety of systems, technologies and devices but still ensure the state-of-the-art reliability and usability. Despite the overall complexity of the operating environment the flexibility is not compromised. Service adjusts just to the scope it needs to.

NSF Telecom is an agile telecom service provider. With our long and deep experience in telecoms, we have developed a reliable telecom cloud service that enables carrier-grade reachability services. It is an ideal solution for 24/7 on duty -organizations, operation centers and other SLA based reachability needs.

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   New services and ways of working being developed, technology seen as an opportunity, unifying processes, digitalization, API

Experience and evidence

   Case Finnish Wildlife Agency

Benefits to customers

   Efficiency, improved service, reliability

Our role

   Telecom as a service, ”The people behind the network intelligence”, building the reliability


   Safety, authorities, reachability, value-added services, communications cloud