Case Navigil

Personal safety wristwatch for the elderly

Navigil is a telecare innovator that has developed a personal safety wristwatch. It improves the safety of people who need assistance in their daily lives. The watch works as a mobile phone, it has GPS positioning capability and it needs recharging only once a week. Stella is a healthcare service provider who offers the watch with related services to its customers. The network operator behind the service is DNA.

NSF Telecom has delivered the essential mobile network intelligence. It takes care of call routing and the signaling traffic of the devices. The service features, such as emergency call routing, scheduled calls to the customer’s support persons and white list filtering to avoid unwanted calls are all reliably provided by the NSF platform.

"NSF Telecom’s Tempo platform was the best available starting point to build the application functionality that our customers require. NSF Telecom’s expertise has been invaluable in developing and providing our industry benchmark reachability service. The SaaS model fits well into our business model and it enables us to concentrate on the core of our business while NSF Telecom ensures the everyday functionality of our call routing and signaling services.”

”Having agile and competent partners like NSF Telecom we can be confident that service remains the industry benchmark.“

Says Matti Räty, President / CEO of Navigil.