Case Finnish Wildlife Agency

Alarm Call Solution

Finnish Wildlife Agency uses NSF Telecom's Alarm Call solution to receive nationwide assistance requests 24/7 from police in big game issues. Most typical issues are tracking injured animals due to car accidents with moose and deers, and chase away bears and wolves from inhabited areas.

Finnish Wildlife Agency receives over 6000 assistance requests from police every year and more than 1000 voluntary based, on duty -persons are responding to requests.

With NSF Telecom's Alarm Call solution police have only one nationwide number to call to. Reachability of several on duty -persons is ensured and alarm calls are well identifiable. Service reports give excellent view of activities and call list management is automatized. Solution is provided as a service.

The Finnish Wildlife Agency promotes sustainable game husbandry, supports the activity of game management associations, and sees to the implementation of wildlife and game policy. The Finnish Wildlife Agency also manages the public administration tasks laid down for it.

"The less numbers to call to the better"
- Police

"Now we get real data and facts at what times we receive alarms and how they are responded. This service also helps us to unify our processes."
- Finnish Wildlife Agency